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Essential Marketing Solutions is faster, simpler and easier, providing you with total marketing solutions based on your needs that integrate the strength of the entire banner advertising network. Leverage the most effective tools and resources to meet your Branding, Sales Promotion, Acquisition, Retention, Research and Optimization needs.

Acquisition' innovative targeting capabilities help you reach the best prospects and turn them into customers.

Product Description:
With our sophisticated targeting capabilities, we will help you connect with the best prospects and turn them into lifetime customers (did we mention the network has over 500 advertising zones?)

Branding has the most visited and largest advertising network in Mauritius - just imagine the branding possibilities. Faster, simpler, easier, Essential Marketing Solutions are the future of branding.

Product Description:
The banner advertising allows you to combine high-volume media placements with unique, creative applications, resulting in a huge impact. Not only will you introduce and expose the production to thousands of consumers, but you will also motivate consumer behaviour and purchase intent.

Efficiency and Optimization Reduce marketing and fulfilment costs by using the banner advertising network.

Product Description:
Leverage the infrastructure that has built to support its own business and to help reduce your marketing and fulfilment costs. Use our technology-driven platforms and banner advertising program to streamline logistics and eliminate costs.

Research's expertise in data mining, analysis and research helps you understand your best prospects and customers. Want to know more about over 500 advertising zones and get to know your target audiences?

Product Description:
This research will help us help you develop more strategic data-driven marketing initiatives.

Retention Retaining customers is critical to any business. will help you turn first-time customers into lifetime customers, through the banner advertising network.

Sales Promotion Sales promotions are a process that applies a time specific call to action and converts users into customers through education, enticement and entertainment.

Product Description:
The short-term sales driver motivates purchases using a special offer or coupon that provides significant value to the consumer. you will be able to identify consumers most likely to purchase based on past interests and transactional behaviour, utilise high volume media placements for broad distribution, collect data to capture consumer information, and determine a campaign’s impact on short-term traffic and sales activity.