Static Banner

Banners allow your company to advertise on the internet as part of a branding exercise or to maintain product awareness. Static banner advertising takes the form of images that may contain graphics and text. Banner ads come in all shapes and sizes and MYP do not limit companies to one size or type but we offer a Universal Ad Package so as to maintain a clean and pleasant layout of network portals and sites. However MYP can create customised banners in any shape or size but they could only be used on your own network and not on other platforms that require standard sizes.

There are many advantages to static banners. Static banners are normally a low file size and therefore allow webpages to load more quickly and they also work well on mobile devices as advertising on apps for example. They are unobtrusive and do not have the ‘annoyance’ factor, and are usually accepted by most website publishers and do not require any specialist software to view them.

MYP can help guide your banner ad strategy to create banner ad campaigns that are striking and make an impact on potential customers, leaving a positive impression.