Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Setting up a social media channel on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest or elsewhere is not enough, you need to have interesting content, engaging posts and actively participate in communication with your fan base. All this takes time and skills you may not have which is why outsourcing may be the answer.

MYP offer two options for your Social Media advertising campaigns:

  1. We begin with a work session to understand your strategy and objectives. We can create your graphical and written content for your various social media channels and either advise on or conduct the A B testing and administrate your advertising.
  2. We can create your graphical and written content that we disseminate on the MYP social network through our own followers and with paid advertising.

Your social media advertising campaign will hit the ground running with our social media methodology that will drive your project forward and make sure all bases are covered. MYP use the latest social media tools and techniques which will help you stay current with your social media channels. We will focus on the technology so you can focus on your business. We make sure we have a full understanding of your industry and complete your engagement on time and on budget.

MYP achieve excellent social media results for our clients, raise brand awareness, attract new prospects and drive traffic to the client’s website. Engage MYP for your Social Media advertising now to raise your campaign to the next level.